BoroMAX Capsules

How many capsules do I take?

Nutropical recommends that you take two BoroMAX capsules daily, preferably with a meal. You might prefer to take your capsules in the morning, but BoroMAX is safe to take at any time of day.

What are the added ingredients in BoroMAX?

In addition to borojo, BoroMAX capsules contain guarana and maca, two all natural ingredients that provide energy, clarity and additional health promoting qualities.

Borojo and BoroMAX Facts

BoroMAX will give you all day energy,
not just a few hours!

BoroMAX will give you all-natural energy, no chemicals, no artificial ingredients

Borojo is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac by some Colombian communities

Analyses have found that borojo has an ORAC value of over 5,400 (μmolTE/100 g), which exceeds the ORAC of most fruits and vegetables.

BoroMAX contains borojo, guarana, and maca, three 100% all-natural ingredients known to promote healthy energy and mental clarity